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wooden wick beeswax candle

wooden wick beeswax candle

PriceFrom $7.00

These beeswax wooden wick candles are the thing to light at the end of a long, hard day. The wooden wicks burn hotter than cotton wicks extending the throw of the fragrance filling the room with a stronger scent. Plus, the crackle of wooden wick adds calming sound to the atmosphere. The beeswax used is cruelty free! Using beeswax also enhances the fragrance and extends the burn life.

There are two size options! 3 oz for 20-25 hours of candle life and 6 oz for 40-50 hours of candle life.


Candles are all made to order. There is no stock. Please give 4-5 business days for products to be crafted and sealed before shipping. Unless you are pre-ordering out-of-stock options. Then please give 3-4 weeks.


Please do not leave candles unattended while burning.