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perfume oil roller

perfume oil roller


These 10 ML ead de toilette rollers are filled with fragrance-infused jojoba oil. This is a more moisturizing perfume as you are applying the nourishing jojoba oil directly to your skin.

Oil perfumes are softer and longer lasting than alcohol-based perfumes. It creates a more personal experience as one has to be close to you to be able to smell the fragrance.


For best results, roll onto your shoulders and the top of the knees, or another low heat activated area. Heat-activating areas (like wrists and neck) will fade the scent much quicker! 


Perfume oil rollers are all made to order. There is no stock. Please give 4-5 business days for products to be crafted and sealed before shipping. If you are pre-ordering an out of stock option, please give 3-4 weeks before delivery.

  • Ingredients

    Jojobal Oil, Fragrance.

    Jojoba oil is very nourishing and dries quickly on the skin. Each scent has a potency to last, but not be overwhelming.

  • Scent Fragrance Descriptions

    A Vision in Scarlet: mandarin, magnolia, amber

    Anastasia: jasmine, grapefruit, orange

    Atlantis Grotto: fresh air, grass, sandalwood

    Barber Shop: cool mint, sandalwood, musk

    Circe's Brew: bergamot, cinnamon, cypress

    Demeter: frosted calone, pineapple, cool mossy notes

    Flower Crown: fresh air, freesia, palo santo

    Jennifer: cucumber, melon

    Lavender Dreams: lavender, oat milk, cedar

    Lindsay: peppermint, eucalyptus, cotton

    Lost Woods: spruce, pine, amber

    Natasha: leather, black pepper, clove

    Oats & Honey: oatmeal, milk, honey

    Oh Sweet Pumpkin: walnut, caramel, pumpkin

    Olaf: heliotrope, spring water, sandalwood

    Padme: coconut water, salt, lotus

    Peggy: kaffir lime, lemon, strawberry

    Peonies & Thorns: rose, amber, sandalwood

    Peter: lemon, wood, white musk

    Power Brunch: peach, apple, vanilla

    Rainbow Road: papaya, mango, peach

    Rose Garden: green leaves, roses, amber

    Scions of the Moon: honey, jasmine, white tea

    Storm: bergamot, deep sea water, hyacinth

    The Nursery: lavender, chamomile, orange

    Thor: pavement, misty fog, orange

    Tony: vetiver, clove, basil

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