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About Us!

Hey there! This is steenarue and I am its owner: Christina. Now that we are friends, you can call me Steena. :D

I have started a small business with the intention of creating positivity-infused handcrafted products.


I have just started my journey of creating and crafting soap in November 2020. I am learning every day and have expanded into perfumes, lotion bars, and candles. I also have a huge Disney Doorable Collection and have added a reselling listing to my shop. As I open all my boxes on TikTok!

Company Mission

steenarue aims to produce fun bath products in a small batch process inspired by pop culture. The company also aims at being a powerful source of positivity in our community.


We are in a brick-and-mortar store! All our soaps are exclusively at The Craft Collective in Downtown Palatine, IL! Everything else can be made to order and shipped to you!

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wooden wick beeswax candles

Customer Favorite

These beeswax wooden wick candles are the thing to light at the end of a long, hard day. They are better for the environment than paraffin wax candles and the wooden wick gives such a satisfying crackle. 
There are two size options! 3 oz for 20-25 hours of candle life and 6 oz for 40-50 hours of candle life.

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